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You’re planning a vacation by motorcycle?

You’ve decided to go on an adventure with your motorcycle. The idea of hitting the open road sounds very attractive. Perhaps along the Gaspé peninsula or the U.S. West Coast. What about insurance?

Vacationing in Canada or the U.S.

Before you hit the road, call your agent or broker. You should check whether you have adequate coverage under your policy.

It may be advisable to increase your civil liability coverage under your policy. Coverage of $2 million could protect you better in case of an accident. Especially in the U.S., where lawsuits are no trifling matter!

Thinking of renting a motorcycle?

Think about it! Driving a motorcycle you’re not familiar with does have some risks. In fact, a quarter of motorcyclists involved in a fatal collision were not the owners of the motorcycle.

Before you hit the road, get to know the motorcycle you’ve borrowed or rented. If you rent a motorcycle, make sure you have the appropriate and complete coverage.