Complaint Examination and Dispute Resolution Policy

Complaint Examination and Dispute Resolution Policy of Assurances Groupe Vézina

Purpose of the Policy

The purpose of a complaint examination and dispute resolution policy is to set up a free and equitable procedure for dealing with complaints.

This policy explains our complaints examination process.

The Person in Charge of Complaints

Mr. Francis Vézina is the person who is in charge of applying this policy and ensuring that complaints received byAssurances Groupe Vézina are examined in accordance with said policy.

Mr. Francis Vézina acts as the respondent with the Autorité des marches financiers (the Authority), and trains our staff. He provides staff with the necessary information for compliance with this policy.

The persons in charge are also responsible for:

  • delivering an acknowledgment of receipt and notice to the complainant;
  • transferring the file to the Authority, at the complainant’s request;
  • filing a report twice a year with the Authority using the Complaint Reporting System (CRS).

The Complaint

For the purposes of this policy, a complaint is the expression of at least one of the following three elements:

  • A reproach against the registrant;
  • The identification of real or potential harm that a consumer has sustained or may sustain;
  • A request for remedial action.

Dissatisfaction or Concern

Informal steps to correct a specific problem or to obtain information are not considered a complaint, provided the problem is resolved as part of our firm’s normal activities.
First, the complainant is encouraged to contact his/her representative or the customer service department by phone 1 800-360-6880 or by e-mail at the following address:

How does one file a complaint?

A complainant who is not satisfied with the response or information obtained after having completed the previous step in the process or who wishes to file a complaint must do so verbally or in writing at the following address:

Assurances Groupe Vézina A/S du responsable du traitement des plaintes, 999, boulevard St-Martin Ouest, Laval, Québec H7S 1M5, or 1 800 360-6880

Include in the subject line: “Complaint – To the person in charge of complaints”.

Receipt of the Complaint

  • As soon as the complaint arrives, the employee who has received it must transfer it to the person in charge of complaints.
  • Mr. Vézina must acknowledge receipt of the complaint within a reasonable period, i.e. within 10 working days of having received it.

Complaint Examination

Upon receiving a complaint, Assurances Groupe Vézina must initiate its complaint examination process.

Complaint examination, in other words, the analysis of the complaint and the relevant documents, must be done within a reasonable period, i.e. within 60 days of receiving all the information necessary for the examination.

After examining the complaint, the person in charge must send the complainant a final written response with justifying reasons.

The Complaint File

A separate file must be create for each complaint. This file must contain the following:

  • the written complaint and its three elements (the reproach against the registrant, the real or potential harm and the requested remedial action);
  • the outcome of the complaint examination process (the analysis and the supporting documents);
  • the final written response to the complainant with justifying reasons.

Transferring the File to the Authority

If not satisfied with the outcome or with the examination of the complaint, the complainant may ask us, at any time, to transfer the file to the Authority.

The transferred file must include all the information related to the complaint.

We are responsible for complying with the rules governing the protection of personal information in our possession.

This policy came into effect November 5th, 2018.