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Inventories of personal property

It’s unbelievable what we accumulate over time! This highly practical tool will help you take inventory of your possessions and ensure you don’t forget anything.

Download the Excel Spreadsheet.

Co-insurance Clause

Your insurance contract may contain a co-insurance or “mutual insurance” clause that will apply in case of a partial loss and influence the amount of compensation you will receive. Please be aware that in case of a total loss, compensation is limited to the insured amount. You are therefore advised to select an insurance amount equal to the value of the insured property, or its cost of replacement if your contract contains a “replacement value” clause.

Download the PDF file.

Guide for Disaster Victims

Are you a victim of water damage, a fire or a burglary? Have you informed your insurance company? What happens now? This guide will help you take charge of your insurance claims process so you can get back to “normal life” as quickly as possible.

Download the PDF file.