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Is your little buddy insured?

Is your little buddy insured?

When you purchase home insurance, why do you get asked if you own an animal? Simply because animals are covered under your policy! That’s why it’s important to always answer this question or inform your insurer if you plan to adopt a new animal, especially a dog.  

Covering damage caused by an animal  

Home insurance offers liability coverage for the policyholder, his or her spouse, and children, but also for companion animals! If a dog injures someone, the insurer must assume the cost of defending the policyholder (animal owner). If he’s found liable, he must pay compensation to the individual who suffered harm. That’s why the presence of an animal in a home can represent an additional risk covered by the insurer.  

Animal owners, please note:  

  • You must tell your insurer that you own a dog. In fact, if you don’t, this could have repercussions if a claim is filed regarding the dog.   
  • When purchasing insurance, an insurer factors in various information about his policyholder to evaluate the risk and determine whether he will insure him and at what cost.   
  • Some breeds may represent additional risks for an insurer, who may decide to refuse to insure the dog owner or adapt the insurance coverage offered.    
Source: InfoAssurance